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Stand Together and Fight 4 CT, to stop the Liberal Left’s progressive agenda to take back our gains across the state. Join us!



Since the Nov. 2016 election, we have seen a rise of non-stop opposition to Pres. Donald Trump. This opposition did not stop at the Federal door step, but has moved into the State Houses and Town Halls, across the country.

CT State House

Sen. Chris Murphy, and others, have seized on the movement and are right now working to lead this opposition in an effort called “Fight Back CT”. The object of this campaign will be to claw back the Republicans advances in Hartford. Within 5 days of announcing this effort, Murphy sent out a message stating over 2,000 signed up.

Currently I am working on updating the site, so please stop by – often (better yet Follow) to see how this site grows and how you can use it to your advantage, to Fight 4 CT.

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